MicroSphere Creator

“The next generation of ultrasound contrast agents” Tide Micro fluidics

Tide Microfluidics’ novel platform technology allows for the creation of monodisperse microparticles.
Our unique platform shows a robust method for the production of microbubbles or microdroplets of highly controlled size with a choice of size in the micron range and a narrow size distribution.
Our MicroSphere Creator 

MicroSphere Creator

The MicroSphere Creator really does mean “Microbubbles on demand!”

The MicroSphere Creator is our compact and easy-to-use laboratory scale production system. This platform allows the user to produce highly uniform microbubbles or microdroplets on demand and in user defined quantities. The MicroSphere Creator is the worlds first commercial platform on which monodisperse microbubbles can be generated at high production rate. The key advantages of using this system include:

  • Set-up and start-up are fast and straightforward. All wetted components sterilisable. Compatible with a wide range of liquids and gases. Plug & play style microfluidic device
  • Monodisperse microbubbles or microdroplets with sizes between 1-100µm
  • User defined production rates and volumes
  • Easy to control using the provided PC and dedicated software
  • Fully integrated visualisation, inline monitoring and data logging
  • Fully CE certified!

Rent 2 Buy

The MicroSphere Creator is a great tool for anybody working with microfluidics and/or in need of a microparticle. The rent-to-buy service is meant for anyone who does not have immediate budget to purchase a MicroSphere Creator or who wants to try the system for a period of time.


  • Get familiar with our system
  • Paid rent is converted to a discount when you decide to keep our system* (get in contact for full details)
  • Still benefit from our full support
  • No need to allocate full budget immediately

Still not enough information? Then contact us today at sales@tidemicrofluidics.com for more information, to receive a quote or for organising a live demonstration. Finally, you can find our product flyer here for more information.