“The next generation of ultrasound contrast agents” Tide Micro¬†fluidics

Microfluidics is versatile tool for the accurate creation of emulsions, dispersions, particles, droplets and bubbles on the microscale.

Precision microspheres

Using microfluidic technology enables the creation of highly uniform microspheres. These can be microbubbles, microdroplets or microparticles which can be solidified after or during formation. The uniformity achievable meets, and in most cases exceeds, international standards on monodispersity and has diverse applications in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries.

Enhanced dispersions and emulsions

The use of microfluidic technology can dramatically boost the stability of dispersions and emulsions. This is due to the increased monodispersity that this technology can achieve, which in turn enables the creation of more uniform foams and emulsified structures. The uses of these emulsions and dispersions are varied from flavour and fragrance enhancers to food production and even solgels.

Custom microbubbles

Through the use of our proprietary technology we are able to offer low volume production of specially designed and engineered microbubbles that can be used as:

  • High definition ultrasound contrast agents enabling a stronger acoustic signal and improved image contrast
  • Controllable drug release method for target drug delivery systems
  • Customer defined bubbles of specific size, gas content and shell composition
  • Specialised purpose specific microbubbles

We are able to create sample volumes or low batch production using our latest generation platform system, which is situated in our R&D laboratory.