About us

“The next generation of ultrasound contrast agents”
Tide Micro fluidics

Tide Microfluidics is a high-tech company with strong ties to the University of Twente and the University of Sevilla, specialising in the development and commercialisation of microfluidic systems for the production of monodisperse microparticles. We were founded in 2011 to further develop a patented uniform microbubbles technology and to enhance the development of commercially viable products for the production of microbubbles and microdroplets using this technology. We have several commercially available microfluidic systems and offer a wide range of development and customised microparticle production services.

Tide management team

Dr Wim van Hoeve – Managing director
Wim van Hoeve successfully completed both his PhD and MSc degrees in the Physics of Fluids group at the University of Twente. In September 2011 he founded Tide Microfluidics to bring our innovative technique of monodisperse microbubble production to the market.


Dr Katharine Giannasi – Project manager
Katharine Giannasi gained her PhD and MPhys degrees at the University of Manchester. Katharine joined the company in December 2012 to strengthen Tide’s product development strategy.


Want to join the team?

We currently have no open positions at Tide Microfluidics. However, if you’re still interested in joining the team, either as an employee or intern, then feel free to contact us through: jobs@tidemicrofluidics.com


Board of advisors

Prof. Dr. Hessel Wijkstra, Technical University of Eindhoven and Amsterdam Medical Centre


Prof. Dr. Steven Walsh, University of New Mexico


Henne van Heeren MSc, Owner at EnablingMNT


Tide Microfluidics’ vision reflects our strategic ambition and guides our day-to-day activities:

“Everybody should have access to high-quality and affordable healthcare through easy-to-use and accurate medical imaging procedures.”


Tide Microfluidics’ purpose and main objectives are represented by our mission statement:

“Tide Microfluidics improves the efficiency of contrast media, enabling clearer images and more accurate diagnoses. We do this through the use of our innovative microfluidic technology to produce dispersions and emulsions which contain precisely controlled size and narrow size distribution microspheres. We aspire to be a strategic technology partner in the development of products with a better performance and a reduced risk of side effects for the patient.”